I Need My Space!

sew room 1

Like so many sewists my sewing space is most definately my happy space. Sadly I dont have a dedicated room to sneak off too, four children and a partner who works partially from home means space is at a premium in our home. However, we have a large bright Sun room which is perfect to sew away the hours. Here, i’d love to share that space with you and show you ways to incorporate sewing space into your homes.

The Machines.

The most used pieces of kit I have are my sewing machine, my overlocker and my Iron. For this very reason they sit on a table all the time as currently they are used every day.

sew room 2

Its a circular table so can be pulled out from the wall and makes a perfect work station. However, since this room doubles as our dining room when we have people over for dinner my machines fit nicely into this ottoman and they are protected and secure.  A quick search on pinterest will also show you there are loads of lovely patterns for machine covers to protect your machines when not in use. I’ll get round to making one some day……..

Doris Dummy and the Stores.

Doris was one of the things I bought early on in my journey. She is a plus size adjustable dress form and I can adjust her shape depending on what I am working on. Shortly after I brought her home I padded out her Bust and Bottom and made a custom cover so I could fit garments more closely, It was tricky but I’m glad I persevered as It has made all the difference.

sew collage

My storage comes to me from IKEA. It was initially used as a room divider for my older two children when they shared a room but now they have their own rooms I have comandeered it for my fabulous fabrics and beautiful books. its the perfect size for my printer and my Steam pod too so again while its all close to hand its alos stored neatly and inconspicuously.

Last but not least.

My dining room table is thankfully a large one. I have it covered with a thick oilcloth cover to protect the beautiful wood underneath. Its the perfect size for working on and looks out over the garden so on sunny days I can open the double doors and I feel like Im sewing in the sun, although lets face it, this is the East Antrim Coast and sun is at a premium.  My Patterns are stored in plastic drawers except for the few PDF patterns I have which are folded into boxes. I would loce to sort something a bit more permanent for y patterns like a large filing cabinet so im watching my local buy a sell pages for those.

sew collage 3

I love looking at sewing spaces on Pinterest and instagram. Also the Curvy Sewing Collective have a great series running at the minute where all their contributers havr written posts letting us see their creative spaces. I know like me you will take comfort in the fact that lots of them share their space with family and you may even get tips about storage and organising your own spaces.

Curvy Sewing Collective – Sewing Spaces

Coming Up…………..

“Its Getting Hot In Here”

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