Sewing is Cheaper than Therapy!


A couple of years ago when my youngest child started nursery I was lamenting to a good friend about my worry at loosing my identity, her words will stay with me forever…….

I sew! Its way cheapr than therapy!

Who knew how right she was! I am never happier than when im arm deep in Fabrics and notions in my sewing space.  Its a space where I can go and completely clear my head. I am solely me there.

Over the years I have amassesd a lovely stash of fabric which makes me smile just thinking about it. When I go on holiday I look for little fabric stores and departments in the hope of finding that illusive Perfect Piece.


I have amassed a nice little stash of patterns, snips, threads and fabrics. I am no different to any other crafter. I am forever looking out for the beautiful prints I see on the blogs which flood my inbox day and daily.

My plan for this Blog is to review patterns, I think thats what I like to see on a sewing blog. Lots of photos of the final item too, along with a truthfull account of how each one came together.  So, I anticipate lots of rants and awkward photos of me in plus sized clothes. Hopefully there will be some helpful hints and information for my fellow amateur dress makers.

Looking forward to the stitches ahead………

Coming Up……….. I need my space!   A sneak peek at where the magic happens.

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